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TORI VELLE was a lead talent for Disney, Disney Studios & Radio Disney (California). She brought to life our most beloved movie princesses such as; Belle ... (read more)

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Founder of Beaconmark Productions, Tori Velle and her team have created many inspiring stories through screenplays and shorts, stage plays and musicals, novels and children’s books. Beaconmark Productions produces material that they believe are entertaining as well as thought-provoking. Bringing awareness to each audience member, whether it be individual or that of the world outside of them, is what Beaconmark Productions hope to shed light on; capturing stories on film, stage and through books.

Beaconmark Productions is currently filming a documentary titled, Feed a Friend. This short film is in conjunction with a fundraiser for Feeding South Florida; umbrella company is Feeding America


Feed a Friend

Feeding South Florida, the City of Parkland and Tori Velle are hosting the ‘official ‘kickoff’ event to celebrate the season of giving on November 12, 2016. This family-friendly evening of music, kid activities and food will also present amazing talent who will perform throughout the evening. Among the talent is Nickelodeon star, Maria Quezada, Country singer, Liddy Clark and World Champion cup-stacker, PJ Ball…..to name a few! Proceeds from the event and all food donations will go to Feeding South Florida.

For business’ and individuals interested in sponsoring and or being part of this event in Parkland, Florida; please email Beacon Mark Productions (subject line FEED a FRIEND) and let us know why you feel you and or your business could help enhance this wonderful evening of giving. Let’s all FEED a FRIEND!

Upcoming Projects


The Iliad
Song of the Warrior

A musical study of Homer's epic poem the Iliad; an exploration of human rage and frailty.